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We provide solution for:

– investors for the opportunity of movies investments;
– producers to raise equity capital for the film budgeting;
– producers, artists and archives to create NFT product and a easy access to the market;
– directors and filmmakers for public and private funding consultancy.

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Advisory for the creation, production and sale of NFT (Non Fungible Token), the innovative digital merchandising for movies, including some scenes, entire works, unpublished contents and new projects or merchandise items.


Creation of financial framework and tools  based on the real needs of the investor’s.


Advisory to reach capital and private financing for the film budgeting: investors, product placement, sponsorship and crowdfunding.


Advisory and assistance for the research of public funds: European, national and local calls.


Support the film industry for the distribution and worldwide.

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Marketing, communication and promotion advisory for film industry and NFTs.

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What is the state of the film market?

Spectators in European cinemas increased by 4.5% in 2019, with more than 1.34 billion tickets sold, a figure that had not been reached since the early ‘90s.

In the graph below, you can see the trend in the European cinema industry in 2019, data published by the International Union of Cinemas. Total box office gross in Europe in 2018 was more than 8.5 billion euros, compared to 8 billion in 2018.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Crowducers?

Crowducers is the first innovative financing initiative built for the movie industry, which allows you to invest with confidence in major international productions and in cinematographic works. It only takes a few clicks and the process is completely secure.


What are NFTs and how do they work?

NFT is the acronym for Non-Fungible Token. The adjective “non-fungible” indicates a non-replicable and non-replaceable good because it has a specific individuality. An NFT can be any digital object: a video, a photo or an image, a music or an audio track, a text or an article, it has a certificate of authenticity and uniqueness, issued thanks to blockchain technology.

NFTs are, therefore, contents associated with a digital register, which guarantees the characteristics of uniqueness and authenticity, giving the buyer a certificate of originality and ownership of the digital product, which is equivalent to the signature of the author. Each NFT, thanks to the blockchain, is a unique piece.

NFTs therefore represent the ownership of unique objects. They can only have one official owner at a time and are tracked and protected by the blockchain: no one can change the intellectual property of a digital work or copy a new existing NFT.

NFTs represent a digital asset: as tokens we can use them to prove our ownership of unique objects. Digital items such as film, art and collectibles can be created and exchanged.

Why should I become a movie co-producer via Crowducers?

Because investing in a movie yields profits in a short amount of time, within 24 months. As soon as the movie is ready, the production has a guaranteed revenue from the sale of distribution rights, both to movie theatres and streaming platforms. The revenue quickly turns into dividends for those who invested in production.


Which is the minimum investment to become a Crowducers?

In order to participate in a cinematographic project, you are required to invest a minimum of 20.000.00 euros. Speak with one of our experts for more details.


What kind of a relationship is there between Crowducers and movie productions?

Crowducers provides strategic consulting services to movie productions interested in securing public and private funding, and it assists throughout the various steps of the film production process to facilitate distribution and to internationalize movies; additionally, Crowducers offers marketing and communications management services.


Who receives the money I invest?

The money you invest goes directly to the production company, which will be able to access the funds once the budget for the movie is completely financed, and the pre-production process has started. You will not be required to deposit any funds if the raising of capital is not completed and the movie production does not start.

The full amount is credited under your name on the account of the production company that manages the making of the movie. Crowducers does not retain any amount from your money transfer.


Can I withdraw my investment when I want, or is it tied to the completion of the movie?

The investment is tied down until the completion of the movie, unless the letter of intents or the contract with the production establish otherwise . As mentioned above, you will not be required to deposit any funds if the raising of capital is not completed and the movie production does not start.

The contract between the investors and production must be stipulated by the date when the request for Censor Rating is submitted, along with the related capital contribution. This to allow the movie to be financed during the production process, or when the making of the movie has just been completed.


What kind of return can I expect?

The expected return depends on the kind of process you decide to finance. In the meeting with the founding partners, you will be promptly informed of the expected return for each kind of investment opportunity. Please consider that, generally speaking, the returns on cinematographic investments are higher than those generated by other low-risk financial products.  In addition, the tax credit considerably reduces the risk of the investment.


Which documents do I have to provide, which will I sign and receive?

You are asked to provide a personal or company document which shows your financial information, in order for us to verify guarantees on your investment.

You will sign a letter of intents for the investment. Then, prior to transferring the investment, you will sign the agreement with the movie production company. You will receive all the financial documents, as well as documentation concerning the movie production.


Can I have an analysis of the investment to submit to my consultant?

Certainly, the analysis is carried out directly by the production companies or by experts in the field like us. Therefore, our goal is to provide you with the methods of analysis and the best solutions to invest in the world of movies.


As a movie co-producer, can I attend filming sessions or other?

Once you have signed the contract for your movie with Crowducers, you are in every respect a member of the production team and you can visit the movie set, get to know the cast and the crew that works behind the cameras, as well as keep track of the progress in production and of the various phases in the making of the movie.


What is the tax credit for outside investors?

A tax credit is guaranteed to those who are completely external to the film industry. Specifically, the tax credit is intended for investors other than the traditional producer, who make a capital contribution for the realization of a movie through an agreement between the movie producer and the external party.  In Italy, the fiscal benefit is 40% of the amount invested, up to a maximum of 1 million euros of credit per tax period. It is available immediately and it can be monetized easily with offset credit on the F24 form for IRES, IRAP, IRPEF, IVA, social security and insurance contributions.


Do I have to pay taxes on the returns I earn on my investment?

Taxation on returns is only 5% according to current Italian tax legislation.