About us

About Us

We are professionals and innovators in the movie industry.  We have created an opportunity for investors and aficionados alike who want to participate in the production of exceptional movies, bringing the spectator closer to the financing of cinematographic works.

With Crowducers, you can invest in major national and international movies, with renowned actors and directors who have a strong appeal on movie distribution companies.  Our job is to assist film productions in securing financing, creating a virtuous cycle that encompasses authors, producers, and spectators.

Crowducers makes it easier to finance major movies and audiovisual works by offering consulting services and assistance in the various steps of the film production process. Owing to the projects carried out by our experts, we have developed a well-rounded set of skills:

–   Consulting services aimed at securing private financing: investors, product placement, sponsorship, crowdfunding
–  Consulting services and assistance with securing public funding: European and national grant, film commission
–  Analysis and support throughout the various steps of the film production process to facilitate distribution and to internationalize cinematographic works.
–  Marketing and communications management for cinema.


We aim to create an innovative and modern platform that offers the opportunity to invest confidently in major film productions, and to easily finance cinematographic works.


To establish a new democratic paradigm of international filmmaking, building a new financial asset class for cinema. The business we want to build will enable creativity and will bring transparency and accountability to the entertainment industry.



Andrea De Bartolis
CEO e Founder  
Massimo Pesci
CMO e Co-founder  
Alessandro Loprieno 
CIO e Co-founder 
Massimiliano Maria Longo
CCO Advisor
Stefano Stravato 
Growth e Engagement Advisor
Andrea Scorzoni
Communication Advisor
Pietro Giordano
CTO Advisor

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