About us

About Us

We are professionals and innovators of movies and marketing, with a long experience in the film industry. We have stable relationships with national and foreign film productions, as well as technological skills to be applied in this sector.

We offer innovative financing solutions by simplifying the matching between lenders and productions, and by making easy and fast the  access to the NFT market.

We have created an efficient service to use all the potential of NFTs, to economically and culturally enhance the contents of productions, artists and the assets of the archives of cinematographic, audiovisual and photographic material.

We facilitate the financing of films and audiovisual works, offering advice and assistance in the film industry, thanks to an experienced team and a complete set of skills and tools.


Spreading innovative financing and revenue solutions for the film and visual arts industry.


To establish a new financial asset class and provide new economic resources for the audiovisual world, through the possibility of becoming financiers and owners of the works created.



Andrea De Bartolis
CEO e Founder  
Massimo Pesci
CMO e Co-founder  
Alessandro Loprieno 
CIO e Co-founder 
Massimiliano Maria Longo
CCO Advisor
Stefano Stravato 
Growth e Engagement Advisor
Andrea Scorzoni
Communication Advisor
Pietro Giordano
CTO Advisor

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