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Effective funding for movie budgeting

With Crowducers, you can access a new area of investments, which was relatively unknown until recently, or feasible only for insiders.

Our ability to engage not only cinema aficionados, but also new investors, makes us a point of reference for movie producers that are in search of innovative ways to raise capital.

We provide a virtuous circle between investors and productions thanks to:

  • new forms of high-yield investment for investors;
  • effective funding to support the development and budgeting of movies.

Easy access to the NFT market

NFTs make films, photos, images and archival materials into unique and collectible objects. Each work is potentially an infinite catalog for the NFT collections.

Real works with all rights of use always remain with the original owner, but new revenue channels and new ways of enhancing content are created.

Productions can use any film, or part of it, to create a large catalog of digital merchandising. Photographic and film archives can create infinite digital collections from their heritage.

Crowducers offers a complete service by identifying the best contents to be transformed into NFT, taking care about the creation and sales, providing technological, legal, communication and marketing support.

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Why invest in cinema?

mercato cinema

Because investing in a movie yields profits in a short amount of time within 24 months. As soon as the movie is ready, the production has a guaranteed revenue from the sale of distribution rights, both to movie theatres and streaming platforms. The revenue quickly turns into dividends for those who have invested in production.

Crowducers follows with interest the investment funds that, in growing numbers, approach with interest and confidence the major film productions across the world; this is evidence of the fact that the movie industry has become a sector with high returns and low risk, where it is possible to diversify investments.

Tax credit is available for in, and it considerably reduces the risk of financial loss. In Italy, the fiscal benefit for an investor who is external to the film industry is equivalent to 40% of the capital invested. It is available immediately and it can be monetized easily.

Why use NFTs?

NFTs are the new frontier of collecting because they allow you to transform any visual content (video, film, photography, image, audio) into a new digital content featured by its own certificate of property and  uniqueness.

Any scene from a film, photo, image or item can be transformed into an NFT and sold to enthusiasts and collectors.

It’s a new digital declination that does not deprive those who own the physical object (film production or archive) of the possession and all the rights they already have, but adds others that are available selling NFTs.

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