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Crowducers: the new investors in cinema

With Crowducers, you can access a new area of investments, which was relatively unknown until recently, or feasible only for insiders.

Our ability to engage not only cinema aficionados, but also new investors, makes us a point of reference for movie producers that are in search of innovative ways to raise capital.

The advantages of investing with Crowducers


The first innovative financing platform dedicated to the world of cinema, which allows you to invest with confidence in major international productions and in cinematographic works. It only takes a few clicks and the process is completely secure.


Plan a meeting with our experts, you will be provided with all the necessary information on the movie (director, actors and cast), on the business plan and on distribution, in order to make it as easy as possible for you to decide on which film to invest.


We will put you in contact directly with the production company of the movie you have chosen. Your money is safe, and the transfer to the selected company’s bank account will occur only once the pre-production phase of the movie starts.


You can choose to invest even a small amount of money.You will earn a return in a short amount of time and with considerable tax benefits, thereby creating value and amortizing risks.


Gain immediate access to the best cinematographic works, both on a national and international level, selected by our experts and valued as having a high return on investments.


We provide you with all the documentation and information required to evaluate, select and track your investments, as well as to monitor the production and asses the final report on the movie.

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Why invest in cinema?

mercato cinema

Because investing in a movie yields profits in a short amount of time within 24 months. As soon as the movie is ready, the production has a guaranteed revenue from the sale of distribution rights, both to movie theatres and streaming platforms. The revenue quickly turns into dividends for those who have invested in production.

Crowducers follows with interest the investment funds that, in growing numbers, approach with interest and confidence the major film productions across the world; this is evidence of the fact that the movie industry has become a sector with high returns and low risk, where it is possible to diversify investments.

Tax credit is available for in, and it considerably reduces the risk of financial loss. In Italy, the fiscal benefit for an investor who is external to the film industry is equivalent to 40% of the capital invested. It is available immediately and it can be monetized easily.

About us

  • We have many years of experience in the field of movie productions, at the national and international level.
  • We have developed a solid understanding of market demands and of new trends.
  • We have well-established relationships with film production companies, both national and international.
  • We are experts in raising capital for movie productions.
  • We have selected the best team of experts to guarantee successful outcomes for our investors.
  • Abbiamo selezionato il miglior team di esperti per garantire il successo degli investitori.

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